#1 Bangladesh To Pakistan Cargo Services

Pakistani goods are exported to Bangladesh and vice versa. The trade between the two countries is increasing day by day. But there is a lack of cargo service from Pakistan to Bangladesh. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a cargo service from Pakistan to Bangladesh for trade between the two countries. pakchina logistics is a reliable name to facilitate the Pakistani and Bengali importers, exporters, business community, and suppliers. We are one of the leading cargo service providers in Pakistan for providing services from Pakistan to Bangladesh and Bangladesh to Pakistan.

Now it is easy to get cargo service from Pakistan to Bangladesh. pakchina logistics has a well-structured network that covers all major cities in Pakistan and so many countries around the globe. We provide the best quality services to our customers with the help of our experienced and qualified professionals. Our staff remains here to assist you. Some of the exceptional features of our cargo services are:

We offer door-to-door delivery so that we will deliver your goods on your doorstep.

We offer competitive prices for both international and domestic deliveries, so you don’t need to worry about the shipping cost from Pakistan to Bangladesh.

We offer various cargo services using different modes of transportation, i.e., sea, air, and road freight.

At pakchina logistics, we are using the latest technologies to provide the best possible shipping solutions for Bangladeshi customers. We are committed to delivering high-quality logistics services to Bangladeshi and Pakistani clients so they get a satisfied and good experience with us.

We have a large network of experienced logistics individuals, who are available to serve you. They make sure that clients will get their shipments on time. We also offer other logistics services such as customs clearance, warehousing, packaging and distribution of goods.





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Import Services

We all know how import of goods helps to boost our business in the country we are living. It is because people from different countries need imported goods to live their lives. Therefore, the need of import of goods cannot be denied. At pakchina logistics, we make possible the import of goods from Bangladesh to Pakistan. We offer sea cargo from Pakistan to Bangladesh or from Bangladesh to Pakistan so the import of goods become hurdle free for the consumers, suppliers , companies and importers.

It is easy to import goods directly from Bengali suppliers for Pakistani consumers. So if you want imported goods from Bangladesh, then we have the following services:

our online self-service system

By cargo chai of service center

Delivery of goods through personalized services

We ensure that your imported goods will reach safely to you without any damage. We take care of your goods professionally. We always pay attention no matter how big or small your shipment is.

Proper Packaging And Securing For Safe Shipment

At pakchina logistics, we have a firm belief in making long-term relationship with our clients by providing them quality services. So they come to us again and again to get logistics solutions. We make no compromise on services; therefore we try our best to serve our clients in all ways. If they don’t have a time for packing their goods or don’t know how to pack the cargo safely, then we are here to serve them. We use the best packaging material for cargo shipping to Bangladesh, so that shipment remains secure until delivery at the last destination. 

We have premium quality cartons, boxes and filling materials. Our trained staff keep in mind the cargo weight, height, length and type while choosing the suitable packaging material for it. Our skilled staff has sufficient knowledge about tacking the fragile or sensitive edges shipment so that it remains safe until delivery at right destination. They also carefully seal the shipment so that there should remain no chance of unsealing of shipment during its moving.

Proper packing

PCL Bangladesh To Pakistan Cargo Delivery Window

Pakistan Express Air Cargo

3 Working Days

Pakistan Air Cargo

4 Working Days

Pakistan Sea Cargo

25-30 Days

Our Pakistan To Bangladesh Cargo Services

Pakistan Cargo

Pakistan Cargo Bangladesh

We have successfully delivered hundreds of shipments from Pakistan to Bangladesh in the past years. The reason behind our success is the use of the state-of-the-art technologies to serve our clients. At ksl logistics, we use all smart ways to serve you for the safe and secure shipment from Pakistan to Bangladesh. We want to eliminate clients’ fears about the safe delivery of their shipment at the right destination. For international shipping from Bangladesh, we never ignore to follow all guidelines regarding cargo weight, packaging, loading, unloading, and delivery at the final destination. We are one of the leading cargo service providers, and our quality services make us stand out among our competitors in the logistics industry.

Commercial Weight Cargo

Commercial Weight Cargo

There are certain restrictions that logistics companies need to follow regarding the maximum weight of the shipment. At ksl logistics, we care most about this; that’s why we ensure that shipment weight never exceeds its limit. This is necessary to keep the shipment secure while loading, unloading, and delivering at the last destination. We also professionally handle customs matters. Ksl logistics has experts with good knowledge of customs clearance, so we make sure to tackle the customs clearance procedure. From documentation to shipment loading at the carrier, we are here to assist you in all matters. So enjoy your cup of tea at home and leave everything to us.

Track Parcel Live Tracking

Fast Track Parcel Live Tracking

We know how our client’s brains remain stuck all day about the safe delivery of their shipment from Pakistan to Bangladesh. We offer a fast parcel tracking service to free them from this tension. Our clients can quickly get the status of their cargo by using our exceptional fast parcel tracking service. Our efficient cargo services from Pakistan to Bangladesh or from Bangladesh to Pakistan enable them to receive their parcels within a brief time. Our online tracking app lets you know the status of your cargo. Other than this we offer urgent delivery of shipment too. So if clients want urgent delivery of parcels, we offer them urgent delivery services at economical rates.