#1 Pakistan To New Zealand Cargo Services

The logistics industry is overgrowing rapidly. Logistics companies play a significant role in making your business successful. We at Pakchina logistics offer the more effective and affordable cargo service Pakistan to New Zealand or New Zealand to Pakistan. Our productive solutions make easier to ship your products with no hassle.

We provide the most suitable transportation options for you to get your desired goods as soon as possible. Our experts use immense expertise, whether you booked your goods via land, sea, or air.

Other than this Pakchina logistics team knows better professional handling, coordinating, and managing the entire cargo process. Whether you want cargo services across the oceans or borders, we have trained team to handle all matters proficiently. Our team ensures you safely handle cargo to the end-user with no damage.

Our exceptional services include door-to-door pickup, tracking, timely delivery, storing good and much more. We work collaboratively with different airlines, rail, ship, and trucking companies to ship from Pakistan to New Zealand or from New Zealand to Pakistan proficiently. 

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Import Services

Import of products can boost your business to sky heights. Therefore, Pakchina logistics play a vital role in making the import of goods easy. We offer import services to ensure an efficient, accurate, and robust supply of products from direct international suppliers of 

New Zealand. Our import services enable you to get your desired products on time without damage or theft. Our experts also have a sharp eye at the entire process. We make the whole process of cargo import containers safe and cost-effective until your desired products reach a final point of distribution. For import of your products from New Zealand to Pakistan, we have three options for you:

Urgent delivery through personalized services

Booking through our online self-service system

Cargo chain of a service center

We work collaboratively with different airlines, rail, ship, and trucking companies to ship from Pakistan to New Zealand or from New Zealand to Pakistan.

Our Excellent Packaging & Shipment Securing Methods:

Excellent Packaging is an essential factor for successfully delivering cargo at international levels. Like leading companies, Pakchina logistics also takes care of every single detail of packing your cargo securely. We have well–trained staff in the packaging department. We use top-quality cargo packaging material and securing equipment. Our skilled team uses their best expertise to pack the goods while following guidelines.

Pakchina logistics understand the worth of your cargo; therefore, we use solid material for packaging goods. Also, we never overload the packages boxes that can damage products and container walls. Our packaging rules are:

Evenly distribution of weight within storage containers

Keeping products in such an organized way

Easy to handle while offloading cargo New Zealand to Pakistan

So don’t worry about shipping Pakistan cargo to New Zealand or from New Zealand to Pakistan.

Proper packing

PCL New Zealand To Pakistan Cargo Delivery Window

Pakistan Express Air Cargo

3 Working Days

Pakistan Air Cargo

4 Working Days

Pakistan Sea Cargo

25-30 Days

Our New Zealand To Pakistan Cargo Services

Pakistan Cargo

Pakistan Cargo New Zealand

Among so many freight forwarders in Pakistan, Pakchina logistics consistently strives best to facilitate the valued clients. Our expert team communicates strongly with clients. For finding any solution related to cargo shipping, delivery, mode of transportation, documentation, and much more, we are here for our clients. We have the best packaging ideas for their cargo to deliver safely.

Commercial Weight Cargo

Commercial Weight Cargo

Customs clearance is an essential process in order to export or import your products internationally. Pakchina logistics always pays attention to its client’s problems, so here we are for you to handle the customs clearance process of your products for shipment to New Zealand. Our proficient experts will handle all the

Track Parcel Live Tracking

Fast Track Parcel Live Tracking

We have an outstanding online tracking app to let you stay updated about parcel status.

Our Fast Track Parcel Delivery service enables you to receive or send parcels urgently.

We guarantee you safe delivery of cargo to New Zealand, whether you choose by sea cargo from Pakistan to New Zealand or any other mode.