PCL takes utmost measures for timely and efficient delivery within time period provided in our quote. However any delays occurring due to factors beyond our control including but not limited to force majure, natural disasters, calamities, law and order situations, govt policy changes impacting import/export, public processions, road blockades due to any reason, war or any such act causing threat to property or life, or any cause beyond the control of company, we bear no responsibility and will communicate same to customer. Goods delivery process would resume when it will be safe to do so or all such or unforeseen hindrances be removed. Any loss to customer arising due to delivery delay due to factors beyond PCL control, PCL bear no responsibility and is not liable to refund freight charged or bear any kind of cost pertaining to the shipment including but not limited to business loss, material expired due to delay, customer loses advance orders or what so ever.


Any goods detained or held by customs due to prohibited items for import/export or customer provided wrong item details, tried to import/export goods, articles, items stated illegal or banned under prevailing laws, for all such detentions or delays or penalties imposed by competent authority, company bears no responsibility and customer is liable to face charges and/or pay if any extra cost, charges, fines, penalties arising due to customer intended or out of negligence act, and PCL has the right to recover all costs incurred during the process and reserves the right for all legal remedies, PCL feels deemed necessary depending the situation.

At times during customs inspection, custom officials may take out one or two pieces of shipments containing small items, retain it for their own purpose/evaluation/detailed inspection etc and may not return or may return in damaged condition, thus PCL bear no responsibility for such incidences however, such incidences are rare and very few in our experience, but can happen.


PCL bears no responsibility for any losses/damages occurred to goods during handling, loading/unloading due to loose packing, in appropriate packing, packing with out sufficient jerk/pressure bearing materials, insufficient or inadequate packing, no packing, in absence of sufficient handling visual standard guidance printed prominently upon boxes/cartons, absence of thermopore and/or air/bubble bags securing material inside the cartons/boxes. Customer is required to ensure adequate and safe packing of their goods in strong cartons/boxes or containers better to be cubical. Any liquids if shipped and are packed in fragile containers, if leaked on board spoiling other goods, all such losses deemed to be born by the customer and company has the right to recover all such losses occurred due to the customer goods, from the customer for and on behalf of other affected customers.


PCL bears no responsibility for loss of shipment due to force majeure or conditions mentioned under delivery delayed clause or in absence of tracking information/shipment mark or shipment mark not prominently/clearly visible on all cartons/boxes being imported. Although we take utmost effort in handling all customers consignment however if a shipment is lost or damaged completely during the transit, it was in PCL custody, PCL is liable to return customer all freight charges if paid in advance and an equal amount of freight charged or invoice value for cases where invoice value is less than freight charged, as restitution/settlement, provided if freight paid in advance otherwise PCL bears no responsibility at all.


Goods booked under normal operations are not covered under any insurance for loss or damage. However if customer wishes to have his/her goods covered for lost, completely damaged consignment where goods received are of no use for customer at all, customer is required to submit a prior insurance coverage request along with original value invoice before order placement. PCL will charge 10 percent of invoice Value as insurance fee along with agreed freight charges in advance at the time of the order. In such cases PCL is liable to pay invoice value to customer for the lost or fully damaged shipment/goods and goods in thus case would become the property of PCL. Insurance in any case will not cover the partial damage/loss, where goods imported are still of use.

Placing an order through whatsapp, by sending consignment to our designated warehouse for import/export or by verbal means, for shipment with PCL is subject to and inline with the fact that customer has read and understood all terms and conditions mentioned above and agree to them.

تمام قواعد و ضوابط اور شرائط ہر آرڈر پر لاگو ہیں اور کسٹمر کا ہمیں آرڈر دینا اس بات کی ضمانت ہے کہ کسٹمر نے تمام شرائط و ضوابط کا بغور مطالعہ کیا ہے اور ان سے متفق ہے۔